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Working from home....

Working from home for a lot of us has been the standard for some time, whilst a number of us are new to it.

There are a million posts right now about what is the best way of doing this and that and most have some merit, especially those that point out the basics that a lot of us don't think about.

So what are the most important things?

Well that's completely subjective, but if you are spending a lot more time sat at a PC or laptop than you ordinarily would then I would really suggest that you get your seating position right, working from the kitchen table or the dining room feels like a great idea, though most of the time these things are not designed for prolonged amounts of time.

Take frequent breaks, make sure your moving around and ensure that you stop if you start feeling pain or niggles.

Talk more...

Whilst technology can vastly improve the way you communicate, there is no real beating human interaction - though in the current circumstance by way of the video screen, it can also mean that things are not misinterpreted, it is easy for somebody to completely read a text in the opposite context to the way it was written, you can't see facial expressions and you can determine the underlying way in which people can apply context when you can see them.

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